Beyond Magic Manual - Instructions

Beyond MapMagic Menu Actions

Beyond Magic menu actions allow conversion of pre-existing nodes into enhanced versions, as well as mass-control of the enhanced node types.

Just like with MapMagic, you can access the right-click context menu in the MapMagic window:
Beyond Magic nodes will be included in the menu along with the original MapMagic nodes, additionally a context-specific actions will be included for quick group-handling of the Beyond Magic nodes.

Quick convert

You can convert existing MapMagic nodes, groups and even entire scenes into Beyond nodes. No restarting your scene from scratch required.

Conversion will be context specific:

Type quick selection

Once Beyond nodes are converted or created, you may quickly alter the Type selection of multiple nodes through the context menu.
This will be handy when you need to for example alter between GPU and parallel boosted calculation for an entire node group.

The quick selections will again be context specific:

Quick disabling Node Groups

When you form a node group in MapMagic, you may need to enable or disable all nodes in that group.
Instead of disabling nodes individually, you can choose Group status from the context menu and choose to disable or enable all nodes at once.